WoW Leveling Guides: How To Hit Fast

I’ve always liked to compete in the world of warcraft side by side or in other MMOs. But ever since I’ve started my journey inside the world of Atreia, I needed to get my PvP to the highest level possible. Out of all the games I’ve played, I must say that this one was the most difficult. But after a few weeks of hard work, I managed to reach the level cap.

I started playing on my own, trying to do quests and kill mobs. But to my surprise, I was getting more XP, more levels, and more quality items than most of the other players. So I decided to join a guild. The first guild I joined was a level 50-60 guild, but as I said, the hardest was not with the quests, because I was doing them as I went along, staying away from any dungeons. The second guild, I joined after I finished my first 80 because we needed a place to stash our loot.

The third guild I joined was a few months later, the same as before. We moved from one guild to the other, changing guilds every week, just to keep them in the same area. After the third guild moved to a new server, which didn’t have any guild-specific areas, the remaining players disbanded, only bringing back the same guild members. I noticed that the guild never left nor experienced any lack of players in the guild. This made me think that the players must have something wrong with their gaming. So I joined a few forums and asked if there were any such guilds. I joined some forums and learned there were like a dozen guilds, with the same criteria of playing World of Warcraft. They all seemed to be created by the same person(s) on a particular server. So I joined their guild too.

Since I knew there were like a dozen other dedicated gamers on my server, I thought it would be nice to join a few of them. So I joined their guild, not knowing that over time, their guild was going down the drain. I noticed that the guild was having troubles keeping its members and due to the fact that most of their raiders were wasting most of their time in battlegrounds, they had to take others to farm items for themselves. One of their members bragged about how he had to do 10 quests just to get a proper mount. Another guild member said he had to do 25 quests to get decorations for his guild.

So I decided to join their guild as a friend, and as one of their guild members, I decided to mentor them. I spent a lot of time mentor willing one of their raider friends, as he was a newb. I then realized that the people in their guild deserved better. I gave them gifts in order to win their trust.

They were giving most of their time in battlegrounds, most of the time I was solo, trying to reach the level Cap. They didn’t even want any farming, they wanted dedicated PvE time, not battleground time. It was funny to see how everyone looked at me, as I went from one end of the battleground to the other end. I was glad to see my friends succeed, as they earned rank and respect for their guild. I then left my own guild and came to join another.

I had learned a lot while in their guild. I had learned to solo more, I had learned to communicate better, and helped others who were going through hard times. I had also learned that sometimes, you need to quit just at the wrong time. If you decide to quit mid-game, you’ll surely be taken down by the newbies. If you do decide to quit, it’s best to find a good guild and join them. At that point, you’re sure to build a good impression and people will be more willing to help you.

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This was just a brief report of my experience in two guilds. I’m sure there are still many other guilds that have similar rules plus guidelines. Fortunately for everyone, the two I mentioned here can be found in virtually any major city. Go ahead, probe the waters there and see what happens. Oh, but wait! There’s lots more where this comes from.

The two guilds I joined have now combined their resources and formed one huge guild, with a bit of subdivision between the guilds. This allows each member in the guild to focus entirely on PVP/solo, so the leveling time goes faster.