Frost On The Melee Side Of The Druid

The Druid is a weird class. It can be complex and difficult to learn, doesn’t have as much damage as the Warrior or Rogue, and can be difficult to play more than one build if you choose to level through the Balance tree. This complexity makes the Druid highly frustrating to play at the lower levels and makes them even harder to play at the higher levels. In need of help, the Druid will have a good deal of choices to make as you progress through the game.

Which Talent Tree To Choose When Playing The Druid?

The Druid has three talent trees to choose from. They are the Restoration, the Feral, and the Balance. They all have their own sets of skills and benefits. In order to have a good idea of which one will work best for you, or to have a good idea of what you should be looking for in your own talent tree, just take a look at what is available in the three talent trees and what their advantages are.

Restoration Druid

The Feral Druid and Balance Druid are both great for making money. And money makes the Druid better. Feral Druids who want to be cash strapped often choose the Restoration tree. They then get skills like improved nature resistance which makes your next healing spell cost less. They also get Rejuvenation, a spell that lets them regain Health over time. The Feral Druid also has Ferocity, which makes their attacks more powerful.

The Restoration tree doesn’t just have Healing and Melee Damage, though. It also has a lot of buffs available that will benefit you and your party. You can choose between an improved Mark of the Wild, Vengeance, and naturalize, all of which improve your damage abilities. The Feral Druid also gets another great skill in bear form. The bear form makes the Druid nearly unstoppable in PvP and arena, because of the increased threat he has with two separate attacks. The balance Druid gets a skill to bring back the Dead. The Dead Druid is a spell that raises the Dead to fight with you for a small amount of Health. If you think the Druid is hard to play, wait until you see what this spell does to an enemy!

Balance Druid

The Balance talent tree is all about making the Druid more like a Mage than a Warrior. You get a lot of mana regeneration even in cat form and some awesome spells. The Wild Growth spell is an AoE ability that slows enemies down and damages them for a high amount. If your smile is a little bright at the moment, because your Druid is a Rogue, you might want to try the Combat talent tree. This talent tree lets your Druid use some basic offensive combat skills. You also get a nifty two-handed weapon. The Feral Combat tree is great for Druid PvP. It lets your Druid use some of the most important burst damage in the game, at the cost of some of his armor, and compromises some of his health. If your idea of fun is dishing out as much damage as possible, the Feral talents are for you. Overall the Balance talent tree is your best bet for those who are looking to make the most of their Druid in PvP.


The Gnome has some great abilities that will be a great benefit when raiding with a group. They have a spell that makes a pet hit harder, and another that increases the size of their party. A small price to pay for a cast spell and a very nice boon to parties of players. Gnomes have another skill that will let you escape a situation at almost any cost. Escape Artist will let you escape any catapult, or polymorph you might come across. Anytime!


The Draenei have got to be one of the funniest races in the game. They aren’t quite the stereotypical warrior race, but they got the warrior things. Gift of the Naaru gives a completely free heal to anyone. And it’s free for anyone, way up to level 70! While you’re getting your free heal, you’ll notice that their hit points and mana are significantly increased. And armor is significantly increased, too. This is due to the armor and spells power bonuses that are added on top of the innate hit points. In addition, the Shadow and Holy specs each start with an added bonus of 15 intellect.


The human is an obvious choice for the best warrior race or even the best overall race. Every Man for Himself lets you break any crowd control effects placed on you. Every Man also helps overcome the massive hit of the Paladin and Rogue when it comes to the ability to stealth. When it comes to weapon choice, humans get a -10 capitalize damage bonus. A no-brainer.

Night elf

Some people may disagree with me, but I actually like the Night Elf race. They complement the Druid and Shaman classes very nicely. They also have a small but helpful ability for growing food.