FarmVille – Gamers Could Eventually Succeed

The tables are turned around now, FarmVille gamers could one day actually be rewarded for how well they play. A FarmVille game forum member has come up with a plan to allow gamers to build their dream farm and be rewarded for it.


By winning rewards from other users. That’s according to forum member Pontius Pilate, who works for a digital marketing firm specializing in online games products.

The forum, which has more than 70,000 members, recommends that you create a new forum thread called “FarmVille rewards” and a home for your thread. That way, new members can start their own thread and leave it for others to add to.

New members can post rewards they have earned, like candles, bumper stickers, stationery, or even farm animals. In other words, users can spread around the world that a user has earned a reward and ask others to do the same.

The goal is to build a separate, positive value of the reward. Even though the initial reward – which is coins – is outnumbered by the number of posts asking for gifts or other FarmVille rewards, the forum says it’s all about giving.

“It’s about building your own dream farm on the software that you’ve designed,” said Pilate. “I want to be able to show my friends that I’ve done all this, and I want to show them how good I am at FarmVille.”

FarmVille rewards were a practical solution to help those new to the forum feel appreciated. Other forums also use them, but because FarmVille is a small forum, the rewards tend to be a bit easier to present. Additionally, the forum allows newcomers the opportunity to post their own offers such as free, downloadable products.

“I started out the FarmVille forum by asking for help to get my farm going, and I’ve helped a bunch of people from other forums to do the same thing,” he said. “I think if you can show these people that you’ve done the same thing as them, then you’re going to be rewarded.”

Pilate is happy that the forum works the way it does, and that it has proven to be a valuable tool for helping others. He understands that not everyone can be a social media expert who can start a whole new forum; however, he thinks the forum has been a valuable tool that fits perfectly with his busy schedule.

When asked if he thinks there is a need for a FarmVille forum moderator, Pilate said he didn’t. “I do think it’s nice to have a place that’s not just a glorified forum,” he said. “I think it adds a little bit of class to the game – it’s a little bit Oliverience.”

The FarmVille forum is a place for users to enjoy the game, discuss ideas, and be rewarded for a friendly atmosphere. Most of us would agree, at least on some level, that it is makers for someone to come together and help support each other in the noblest of ways. Eduardo contributed to the forum by posting when new neighbors join the game and also earns points when FarmVille animals are killed. He also shows new features to earn and money to purchase.

Pilate is constantly active in the forums, which has to lead to many interesting discussions. He has become a friend and neighbor of many. He shares all the insights he has and plans to share them gradually over time.

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