Best Games on Steam – Terraria

This 2D adventure game can be compared to Notch’s Minecraft in many ways, the main aim – like Minecraft is to harvest minerals and build structures. The thing that makes Terraria a hit, and differentiates it from its 3D rival – is the level of depth and intrigue that is imbued into the very fabric of the game, making it a fully loaded and time-consuming experience, suitable for many different types of players.

Terraria has both single and multiplayer options, and the maps are interchangeable so it’s possible to play with you’re friends on your personal single player map. The main aim is to gather materials to build a shelter that will hopefully protect you from the array of demons and undead that will attack at night. Like Minecraft, the map is randomly generated and includes several different types of the zone – ranging from jungles to corrupted lands. Below ground players will find caverns and abandoned mines, and often catacombs containing valuable treasure. Players can equip a huge range of armor and weapons (including guns) and even gadgets like grappling hooks and rocket boots.

There is such a large level of detail in Terraria, it’s difficult to do it justice in writing. Whenever you think you have mastered something – you realize that it’s still possible to go further. There are some interesting ‘world events’ that keep things flowing, one example is the occasional Blood Moon phase, a night where the sky turns blood red and monsters gain the power to break through doors – and come in ridiculous numbers. There are friendly NPCs too, and they will even inhabit your structure; providing different services such as gunsmithing or item sales.

There is a huge craft list, and mining and gathering are just as addictive an activity as they were in Minecraft, with the added enticement of treasure hunting thrown in. Combat is rich and varied, with each weapon and tool being fun to use in its own unique way, and switching between them is made very simple by the inventory system.

Hints and Tips:

Make a shelter fast! When you first spawn as you will find it hard to survive the first night if you don’t – but remember to find a suitable place first, on top of a hill is usually your best bet.

Making a crafting bench is always the first priority! Use it to make weapons and armor with the materials you gather.

If you find yourself dying a lot it is possible to increase your maximum health! Just break some stone hearts, these can be found underground using a craft-able hammer.

Exploration is the key to Terraria! Remember to look everywhere you can on land, underground, and even in the sky!

So what did the pro’s think?

‘Terraria has all the makings of a 2D masterpiece and still is yet to be completed; as the creators continue to release content and updates this game can be considered great for killing boredom and provides a truly excellent multi-player experience. You should go grab a copy if you haven’t already.’