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BFFA3AE - DTR @ 47 Canal June 26 - August 3, 2014

Live [EXPLICIT] trailer from bffa3ae on Vimeo.

One and the Same, 2013; inkjet printed stickers, assorted jewelry; dimensions variable

"Ad Book" an e-book published by Badlands Unlimited. Available here.

iMaginary numbers, 2012; digital c-print, picture frame, glass paint, pvc pipes, miracle-gro, light bulb, extension cord, painters tape, conduit clamp; 7 ft x 4 ft

the time now is, 2011; Text, google document, twitter stream, flickr page, craigslist ad, youtube video, okcupid profile, delicious account, blingee gifs, tumblr page, performance; variable length, made for

uh duh yeah, 2009/2011; performance; 10 minutes

the initiation of something, 2011; youtube playlist, performance; 11 minutes

This and that thought., 2011; website, text

VACATION, 2010; website; made for www.179canal.com

T33N S3N10R H1GH, 2010; video, performance; 45 minutes

Loving Shapes and Colors, 2009; performance; 13 minutes